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Prevent imminent reboot: Note that resetting the countdown stop by locking the computer might be disabled if update 2835627 was installed (by either yourself or your friendly administrator). To prevent auto rebooting while logged on, please see for a registry hack. This is, beyond all possible debate, the #1 most infuriating "feature" I have EVER encountered on any device ever.

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Cancel should stop the shutdown, but if the signal went to other apps first, they might close before you cancel.admin command prompt, /a followed by running and disabling the Windows Update service.

Oh, and it will often do this randomly when I walk away from my computer for a minute or two; can't tell you how many times I've stood up for 'stand up' in our agile development team, only to peak back at my computer a minute later and see that it has randomly restarted itself. to stop a shutdown timer, but this doesn't work in this instance.

If you've currently got a timer up and you desperately need a few more minutes, stopping the Windows Update service until you're ready is probably the way forward.

The solution to stopping restart involves two stages, first stopping the Windows Update service, and second stopping the Windows Update process.

To stop the service open Task Manager (Hit This will stop the 15 minute countdown, but Windows will automatically restart the Windows Update service and start another 15 minute countdown in a couple of hours unless your restart your computer.

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