Updating bookmarks

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Now, if you only need this cross-reference to display the text enclosed by the bookmark and you have no need for the hyperlink, you can delete the switch \h.

You can also delete the field name REF, since REF is the default field name in Word.

When you create a cross-reference to a bookmark and select Page number in the Insert reference to drop-down list, Word creates a PAGEREF field containing the name of the bookmark.

Thus, you can easily change a cross-reference to a bookmark that shows the text enclosed by it to a cross-reference to the number of the page on which the same bookmark is located by placing your cursor within the cross-reference, pressing Shift F9, changing the field name from REF to PAGEREF, and pressing F9.

However, a little knowledge about these fields can enable you to start taking advantage of the numerous options that they offer.

You can see the REF field underlying a cross-reference by placing your cursor within the text that appears in it and pressing Shift F9, which displays the underlying field code instead of the bookmarked text.

However, one of the purposes of this exercise was to introduce you to the possibility of manually creating and modifying field codes.

When you know exactly which field codes and switches are needed for your purposes, the manual technique can often be the fastest and simplest.

You can also accomplish this using document properties and content controls (introduced in Word 2007).When you create a cross-reference to text enclosed in a bookmark that you created in the active document as described in Bookmarks: The Basics or to the text enclosed in a hidden bookmark that Word creates for a heading, numbered item, figure caption, or table caption, Word creates a REF field containing the name of the bookmark.When you create cross-references through the user interface, you do not need to know anything about the REF and other fields that underlie them.For more information about the STYLEREF field, see the Microsoft help topic Field Codes: Style Ref Field and Useful Style Ref Tricks by Suzanne Barnhill.Just as you can use REF fields to repeat the content of a bookmark in multiple places in a document, you can use the INCLUDETEXT field to insert a bookmark with the text and graphics that it encloses from another document.

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