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Why not develop their relationship as a close friendship instead?The show hasn't had a strong male/female relationship since the days of Mark and Callie, and adding that dynamic back feels preferable to opening us to an entire season's worth of "But wait, aren't you guys related?But it's hard to make a character you only really get to play every few weeks feel like yours and I understand why she's moving on.I'm also happy her character got to do so without getting murdered or fired, although she's probably going to be legitimately traumatized by the part where she burned a rapist to death? I'm actually totally fine with that last bit, since it led to Minnick getting fired.— the plane crash, the shooting, even the massive blackout.Those plot devices created tons of different stories, emotional reactions, injuries, and uniquely compelling situations.Oh well, come over to the "Herbert Ross Troll" threads instead. I've noticed Hollywood also has its version of Lesbian Until Graduation or whatever it is called -- starlets who suddenly have wild lesbian affairs with a co-star, embrace it maybe not publicly but not with shame either, and then, poof, it goes away when it's husband time. Amber Heard is the extreme example but I know many who have gone the "bisexual" route like Drew Barrymore and it's no big deal -- but it's not exactly good for the cause either.

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Amber Heard isn't a lesbian, she's always openly identified as bi.

We're in good position for Owen and Megan and Nathan's story to be a part of season 14, right off the bat, and so long as we dive in right away rather than drawing things out extensively (cough, cough, Alex's prison storyline, cough).

[quote]So many are in the closet or won't come out.

We've seen Meredith in plenty of love triangles before — with Derek and Addison, Derek and Mc Vet, and Derek and Rose.

But her conversation with Nathan isn't a "Pick me, choose me, love me," moment.

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