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No restriction on hiring of 100% expatriate workers, and many more.Economic wage structure and no restriction on hiring of 100% expatriate workers, and many more.The area was covered with sand about 5,000 years ago as the coast retreated inland, becoming part of the city's present coastline.After the spread of Islam in the region, the Umayyad Caliph of the eastern Islamic world invaded south-east Arabia and drove out the Sassanians.Excavations by the Dubai Museum in the region of Al-Jumayra (Jumeirah) found several artefacts from the Umayyad period.

In its commitment to providing investors with the perfect conditions for business operation, the SAIF-Zone is constantly upgrading its value-added services, infrastructure facilities, technical and scientific expertise and the availability of ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities.

Sharjah has a booming tourism industry attracting interested visitors from around the globe to enjoy its beautiful beaches, diverse restaurants, shopping and entertainment offerings, and international standard hotels.

These benefits and other initiatives have helped investors across the globe choose SAIF-Zone as their place to do business.

Lifestyle Acknowledged throughout the gulf region as the seat of learning and culture, Sharjah is blessed with a rich culture, colourful history and age-old traditions.

Despite impressive and accelerated business growth there has been deliberate effort to preserve and restore historic monuments and sites.

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