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The council said it had made a reasonable offer of accommodation and had taken all the family's needs into account.

The family were made homeless after their tenancy at private rented accommodation ended in early 2017.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross was told Aibha from Gowla, Connemara, Galway had a cardiac arrest in A&E, was ventilated, intubated and transferred to Temple Street Childrens' Hospital, but her life support was disconnected after three days and she passed away on December 14, 2011.

The apology was read out in the High Court today as part of the settlement of an action by Aibha's parents and younger sister against the HSE over her death.

He was treated to the best seats in the house and had a drink backstage afterwards. [Kasabian] didn't make it, but we got on fine without them. I've never seen such audience participation at anything I was ever at. It's a great reflection of the island and the young people we have."Tom said he's still on a high since he came home.They claimed the decision was irrational and in breach of their rights.In her judgment Ms Justice O'Regan said that in all the circumstances the decision to withdraw emergency accommodation had not breached the family's rights.The council said it had prioritised the family, and the house it offered is the only four-bedroom it has.In their proceedings, the family sought orders including one quashing the refusal to continue providing emergency accommodation to the family.

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