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Ridin’ the Text Train It’s easy to ask us out via text. I read one column—written by a guy, guys—that says it makes you look like a "passive wimp." The girls I talked to agree, saying, “Don’t use text as a crutch.” And that’s a matter of manners, which our respondents say are a “sign of good mental health.” And confidence (see #4). Questionable Taste in Clothes “Ed Hardy anything.” “If you have a selection of different colored Lacoste shirts to wear for pajamas.” “If you dress like a member of the Von Trapp Family.” (Translation for men scratching their heads: That’s .

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That's why the gals who responded tend to drop the guy who can neither cook nor pick out a good restaurant for take-out, who haven't figured out a better system than laundry once a month, or who respond to our suggestion to call a cab at the end of the night with, "Okay, but do you have some cash?

One on one is 100% confidential, no information is ever shown or sold regardless if you become a member or not. This not only ensures your safety but makes each member more comfortable and in control of the process.

In today’s fast paced society it’s very difficult to meet and connect with other singles not to mention other singles with lifestyles, values and goals.

Online dating sites just don’t offer the quality interactions you get in a face to face meeting.

With our proven formula, you are meeting candidates that are already pre-screened.

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