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But he radiated the quivering intensity which is a big plus for the juggler.

6 silvery dancing girls put up to Laura Berdino's liberty horses.

The show continued with a juggler Rudy Janecek dressed in black.

Janacek’s juggling art was not only difficult - 7 clubs in the air for example.

Some municipalities permit circuses to use the local circus lots free of charge. An excellent example which more municipalities should follow!

Unfortunately, in some municipalities the trend is in the opposite direction: the rent for circus lots increases.

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In addition to skipping and dancing he also did a backward somersault as well as the much more difficult forward somersault.Also in other respects circuses in Denmark are struggling with rising costs.In school’s winter holidays in February CIRCUS KRONE had performances in Aarhus.The tent used by Circus Summarum is rented from Circus Arena which due to this is less annoyed with the competition than other circuses.The Summarum tent has 2,350 seats and thus room for more spectators than any circus tent in the Nordic countries.

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